Just Apps Pvt Ltd support@bookkeeperapp.net +91-9999176746 Report Basic Contact Details This Displays Customers/Supplier Contact Details SELECT displayName,phone,email,GSTIN,address,shipAddress FROM ( SELECT CASE WHEN IFNULL(display_name,'')<>'' AND display_name<>'0' THEN display_name ELSE aname END AS displayName, CASE WHEN IFNULL(address,'')<>'' AND address<>'0' THEN address ELSE '' END || CASE WHEN IFNULL(address2,'')<>'' AND address2<>'0' THEN CASE WHEN IFNULL(address,'')<>'' AND address<>'0' THEN ', ' ELSE '' END || address2 ELSE '' END || CASE WHEN IFNULL(state,'')<>'' AND state<>'0' THEN ' ' || state ELSE '' END || CASE WHEN IFNULL(country,'')<>'' AND country<>'0' THEN ' ' || country ElSE '' END || CASE WHEN IFNULL(pincode,'')<>'' AND pincode<>'0' THEN ' ' || pincode ELSE '' END AS address, CASE WHEN IFNULL(phone,'') <>'' AND phone <>'0' THEN phone ELSE '' END AS phone, CASE WHEN IFNULL(email_id,'') <>'' AND email_id <>'0' THEN email_id ELSE '' END AS email, CASE WHEN IFNULL(tax_regn,'') <>'' AND tax_regn <>'0' THEN tax_regn ELSE '' END AS GSTIN, CASE WHEN IFNULL(ship_addr_1,'') <>'0' THEN ship_addr_1 ELSE '' END || CASE WHEN IFNULL(ship_addr_2,'')<>'' AND ship_addr_2<>'0' THEN CASE WHEN IFNULL(ship_addr_1,'')<>'' AND ship_addr_1<>'0' THEN ', ' ELSE '' END || ship_addr_2 ELSE '' END AS shipAddress FROM account_detail WHERE a_type in ('Sundry Debtors','Sundry Creditors') ) a ORDER BY a.displayName [COMPANYNAME] [COMPANYADDRESS] [COMPANYEMAIL] & [COMPANYPHONE] Basic Contact Details [DISPLAYHTMLREPORT]
This is sample report which display basic contact detail E&OE
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